After 2015’s year-ending injury and a rushed attempt to get fit for the 2016 Boston Marathon in April and my ensuing DNF, 2016 ended up being a recalibration year for why I run, and it led to a 3rd place finish in my first ultra marathon, the Bromont Ultra 55k.

Thanks to David, my coach, for helping me clarify and invigorate my enjoyment of training, mountain adventures and running in general, and helping me do this every day in my training. I’m no longer as focused on pace and PRs, weekly mileage and such … these are the ways I used to measure myself and my running.

Today, I just want to run happily for the rest of my life, enjoying adventures whenever possible and I want to be strong, healthy and avoid injury along the way. Greatness and happiness will happen naturally if they’re meant to happen, but both will be the way I measure my running for the rest of my life.

Adventures and Accomplishments in 2016

  • I ran a crazy workout given to me by my coach for my 44th birthday: 30km on the treadmill … 20 minute warm-up at easy pace + 4 x 44 sec Strides + 4:44 Easy + 10 x 4:44 @ < VO2 pace (3:51/km) + 20 minute cool-down at easy pace
  • I ran 40km on a treadmill. OMG how did I make it through that??
  • My first Pemi Loop! Also, my first ultra distance adventure with almost 50k at ~3,000 m of elevation gain
  • Longest Mountain Adventure ever! The Grafton Loop, ME
    • Duration: 13 hrs 48 mins
    • Distance: 57.4 km
    • Elevation climb 3,504 m (or 11,500 ft)
  • First ultra marathon was the 2016 Bromont Ultra 55k and I placed 3rd!!

Other Yearly Stats

Time spent training, overall: 405 hours and 48 minutes of running, biking and spinning.

This is the video that generated for my 2016 year of training …


Total time spent running

  • 2016: 375 hrs 59 mins.
  • 2015: 359h 41m

Total elevation gain

  • 2016: 72,378 m (or 237,461 ft) (2,350 m on the treadmill)
  • 2015: 51,861 m (or 170,147.6 feet)

Total distance covered

  • 2016: 4,324 kms (or 2,687 miles)
  • 2015: 4,246.3 km (or 2,638.5 miles)

Number of runs

  • 2016: 299 runs
  • 2015: 284 runs

Looking Ahead to 2017 …

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